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What is the 2D Mapper

A 2D Scanned Sensor system consists of a positioning stage, a sensor of some type, and a specialized data acquisition system. An object is moved relative to a sensor (or a sensor relative to an object), the sensor output is measured at a number of precise locations (typically on a grid), and a 2 dimensional map of the measurements is created, displayed, and manipulated.

XY stage, Sensor, cards and software

Possible Measurements Surface profile - Surface roughness - Structural integrity - Micro cracks -Stress distribution - Residual stress - Reflectivity - Color Uniformity - Magnetic properties - Dieletric properties - Electric field distribution - Surface electric current - Surface velocities of liquids
Possible Sensors Types IR temperature sensor - Capacitve or inductive probe - Optical distance probe - Eddy current probe - Laser Triangulation sensor - Laser confocal - Ultra sound - X Ray Sensor - Color sensor - Spectrophotometer - Scattered light Photonic - Reflected Light Sensor - Polarized light sensor - Laser Doppler Vibrometer

System Components

Supplied by Euclid Research Supplied by User or by Euclid Research
  1. Motion capture card: Connected to the stage encoders or stepper motors. Tracks position and triggers measurements on analog capture card.
  2. Analog capture card: Connected to the sensor[s], makes the actual measurements.
  3. Scan2D software: Controls the capture cards, coordinates the measurements, displays the results.
  1. Personal Computer: Running Windows 95/98.
  2. XY or R/Theta Stage: Has 2 encoders or/and 2 stepper motors. Moves and senses the motion of the sensor or of the object. Could be manual or motorized.
  3. Suitable sensor[s]: Analog voltage output sensors whose output is proportional to the phenomena being measured and mapped.

We can provide you with some or all the tools you need to build your own, or we can supply you with a complete ready-to-run system built to your specifications.

Hardware Features

Software Features

The Scan2D software support the following features and allows the user to:

Notes regarding positioning stage (XY Or R, Theta stage):

The purpose of the positioning stage is to provide a relative motion between the sensor and the object being mapped. One can arrange for a moving sensor and a stationary object or a stationary sensor and moving the object. Additionally, the actual scanning movement can either be manual (moved by hand) or automated (using a motion control system). In all of these cases, the relevant design aspect is the ability to sense and track the relative location of the sensor. There two methods that are supported by the motion capture card:

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