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Whether you are carrying out detailed analysis on rotating and reciprocating equipment or simply performing maintenance and inspection, SensorPlot™ can be applied to a variety of applications. The ability to capture rotational/linear motion concurrently with analog phenomena makes SensorPlot™ an ideal instrument for designers of mechanical and electromechanical components.

Capture position and velocity just to see if the mechanical components are functioning properly
Use spectral analysis to determine resonant frequencies and perform vibration analysis

Analyze data in the angle domain to identify angle dependent anomalies

Below are a few of the many disciplines to which the SensorPlot™ can be applied:

Designers of motors, engines and other mechanical components can use the SensorPlot™ to analyze uniformity of rotation, startup torque, and torque ripple, and measure friction. Designers can investigate the dynamic relationships between rotational angle and analog parameters such as motor torque, current and voltage or piston pressure. The frequency domain capabilities allow the system to make synchronous vibration measurements and facilitate the analysis of such things as bearings, gears and motors. The spectral analysis tools can be used to diagnose misalignment, mechanical looseness, imbalance and mechanical resonance problems.

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