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    Capture CardThe motion capture card is an IBM PC compatible card that provides interfaces to incremental optical encoders. The motion capture card allows one to digitize angular/linear position, velocity and acceleration, and is intended to be used by test system builders and data acquisition integrators who need to measure motion parameters.

    Features Unique to the Motion Capture Card

  • On-Board MemoryOn-the-fly capture of encoder positions and edge transition times. High-speed FIFO buffer ensures no loss of data at high sampling rates.
  • Sample Rate GeneratorSample based on time, position (e.g. sample every 1.2 of a rotating shaft), or external event.
  • Time MeasurementCapture the edge transition times of encoder pulses for accurate position measurements and velocity computations.
  • Synchronized Analog / MotionSlave analog data acquisition cards to the motion capture card to make synchronized analog and motion measurements.
  • 4 Encoder ChannelsSupports full-featured, independent angular/linear encoders. Position tracked using 32 bit counters automatically extended in software to 64 bits (floating point). Over/Under flow automatically handled by the driver.
  • LabVIEW, DLL ... SensorPlot™Software drivers supporting most data acquisition platforms are available. The list includes LabView, LabWindows/CVI, Microsoft C/C++ and DLL support for other languages.

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