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The Stepper Motor Dynamics Analyzer is an integrated stimulus and measurement tool that allows you to:

The system has built-in step and measurement capability to support tests such as:

Other tests/measurements can be created by adding analog measurements, displays and/or equation based measurements. For example, adding analog measurement capability to the system allows you measure and analyze driver current waveforms. The Stepper Motor Measurements application example illustrates many of the measurements that can be performed using the Stepper Motor Dynamics Analyzer.

The Stepper Motor Dynamics Analyzer consists of three components:

Stepper Motor Dynamics Analyzer

  1. Motor test stand (including encoder): holds the Motor Under Test and aligns the motor with the shaft measuring incremental encoder.
  2. Motion capture card: provides the step stimulus to the motor driver and an interface to the incremental encoder.
  3. SensorPlot with stepper motor indexer option: performs the task of stimulating the stepper driver, making motion measurements, performing mathematical analysis and displaying the results.

The motor driver and Motor Under Test are user supplied.

Performing a particular test involves nothing more than connecting a motor to the test fixture, selecting the desired test, and pressing the go button. The application automatically configures the stepper indexer and measurement system, and displays the results in the appropriate units (arc minutes, degrees, rps...)

Built-in analysis tools allow you to add additional equation-based measurements (filtering, differences...), make cursor measurements, and perform spectral analysis. Tests can be created on an as-need basis, or pre-created and saved for later retrieval.

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