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The SensorPlot™ product targets users who need to measure and analyze motion dynamics of mechanical and electromechanical systems. SensorPlot™ consists of a computer running Windows®, specially designed motion capture and analog acquisition cards, and a software application that offers equation-based measurements, a variety of displays, and a complete set of analysis and data exploration tools. SensorPlot™ allows you to make accurate, high-speed measurements of angular/linear position, velocity and acceleration concurrently with analog measurements like voltage, current, torque and vibration. Typical measurements and applications include:

Typical Motion Measurements
Typical Analog Measurements
  • Dynamic position accuracy
  • Velocity and acceleration profiles
  • Servo loop response
  • Uniformity of motion
  • Motion repeatability
  • Mechanical resonance
  • Transfer functions
  • Multi-axis motion trajectories
  • Dynamic motor winding currents
  • Distance sensors (capacitance, inductive, laser)
  • Dynamic torque
  • Pump or piston pressure
  • Accelerometers and vibration
  • Unique Features of SensorPlot™

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