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SensorPlot™ can be direcly connected to any motion control system allowing you to quickly diagnose elusive problems. Operating as a stand-alone instrument, SensorPlot™ offers

Whether you're an expert in motion control or simply faced with a motion control related problem, the ease of use affored by SensorPlot™ allows anyone familiar with a computer to quickly troubleshoot motion related problems.

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For example, you may be trying to diagnose a printing problem that may or may not be associated with the motion control system. You want to quickly view the position and velocity of the print head and possibly measure the vibration of the head independently from the motion control system. SensorPlot™ connects to motion control systems without affecting servo loops and is capable of simultaneously capturing analog signals like those generated by accelerometers.

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A motion control system may be occasionally misbehaving. SensorPlot™ lets you see things that are not available for viewing in most motion control development tools.

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The ability to simultaneously monitor motion and analog phenomena allows you to determine if position related events (e.g. the activation of an actuator) are occuring as desired.

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